Q.  What is a LJ print 
 "LJ" stands for Light Jet printing. It's the state of the art for fine art archival photography today. While the image is still printed on photographic paper the LJ 5000 replaces the optics of the printing process with high speed lasers and produces a photographically superior print. 
Q. What if there is a problem with my print? 
Problem!  Heaven forbid ... but if it did happen, please call or Email us right away.  We want you to be pleased with your prints and will do any thing (Ok, most anything) to make you happy with your print selection.  If a print is unsatisfactory we will accept an undamaged return within a week ( 7days) for a refund, less shipping charges. 

Q. What does "archival" mean when used to describe the Skipjack Sunday Prints?

In the case of LJ prints it means that the process has been scientifically tested and certified for color and light fastness for at least 60 years, showing no signs of color shift or destabilizing in normal room conditions. Then the print evaporates ... Kidding! ... actually consensus seems to think that a slight but noticeable shift may occur. If the print is a Giclee or a Piezography print on the proper watercolor paper it's 100 plus years!   

Q. What about shipping, the Pay Pal site mentions shipping cost being added in. 

Ignore that little notice please, it's just a Pay Pal thing.  Packing and insured shipping is included via FedEx or UPS ground in the continental US on all your print orders. If you want to send one faster or offshore please call or
Email and we'll gladly do a quote. 

Q. What about matting for the prints? 

The matte for the prints should be of the same quality as the prints, that is to say that it should be an acid free archival matte as distinguished from the ordinary run of the mill art board.  If you have any difficulties and desire us to assist, we can have museum quality matte cut for your prints and include it with your shipment. 
Email us for a quote. 
Q. What is your privacy policy for information I submit to order prints?   Wild horses couldn't drag it out of us. Seriously, we simply have not and will not share any information you submit with anyone for any reason short of legal intervention by law enforcement or Uncle Sam. If  you need more assurance, Colony has dealt with client confidentiality for over 30 years without a single complaint 

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