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From the vaults of Colony Productions 

  Here's a sample of what Race Day 1967 was like ... These 2 1/4 negatives were discovered carefully tucked away in an archival box.  Really tucked away because I didn't even realize they were still in existence!  They give us an impression of what is on the film footage.  

Yep, film footage, that's what started the hunting around for the Skipjack work, an unopened can of 16mm original Ektachrome!  It's about fifty minutes of footage. 

And yes I do remember shooting the footage.  It was only a few months prior to the beginning of Colony Productions and Studios, Inc.  I was just finished working in television with plans on my mind for the future.  But that's another story. 

What's important here is the footage and getting it preserved.  It needs to be transferred to digital to protect it.  We have a facility in mind with state of the art equipment and most importantly a great colorist that I've worked with over the years for top notch commercial work.  


     We got a chance to put the original film up on the scanner and check it's condition. Well ... after 45 plus years, it looked great!  What a break, it could have been shot last year judging by the quality of picture up there on the screen. Of course it helped to be looking at it on a High Definition scanner via a professional class monitor.  While it was playing back I got the bright idea to grab my handy camcorder and tape some shots off the monitor, not the greatest quality but certainly an insight to the look and feel of the footage.

     I set up a gallery from the screen shots for you to see ...  CLICK HERE ).  

     And you guessed it, it will take some dollars.  Can you help?  Money, ideas, plots to get this wonderful footage in a form that it can educate and delight all the folks who care about these wonderful vessels are all welcome.
Bill Peterson 
               Email me  bill@colonyproductions.com
                                                              or give us a call at 954-764-2222

                       SEE BIG SKIPJACK SHOTS ....

We had a number of selected skipjack negatives professionally drum scanned, digitally restored, printed by a fine arts lab in California. The resulting exhibition prints were on exhibit at the Museum's Gallery and later, for a six month run at Picasso's in Fort Lauderdale. Three-hundred hours of digital restoration has yielded some really nice looking, collectible fine art prints.  These limited edition images are now available for purchase from our online gallery, jump over for a visit.















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