Hi Colony ... Jack from Maryland, I like the site! "Racing", is my favorite and "heading Out" is next, then "Anchor".
       >>Thanks Jack ... BP<<

Howdy Colony! The site is very nice. I enjoyed looking through the photos. I hope to bring the family to the museum in the near future. Bruce K. from Richmond

Bill, what a lovely website! I did not see the exhibit in Reedville but have enjoyed looking at the pictures in your online Gallery and reading all about them. I've placed an order for "Copper Sea" this weekend and can't wait to get it. Anne M. in Richmond, VA

Dear Bill, I love the site, it brings back many wonderful memories. Two of the pictures are particularly special, "Robert L. Webster" and "Racing". The reason is because I am in those two pictures. In the "Robert L. Webster" that is my grandfather, Captain Eldon Willing Sr. and I am to the right of the mast, you can see my 10 year old head looking right at you. In "Racing" I believe that to be the Robert L. Webster as well. She was the largest Skipjack every built. I hope to purchase these two pictures in the near future. Thank you for finding and making these prints available. Burt Parks from Smithville Ohio.

>>Burt, what a pleasure to hear from you. It's wonderful for me to have names to go with the faces from so long ago.  Your note illustrates the awe I find for the medium, that frozen moment in time captured and preserved ... awesome.  You didn't leave us your email address.  If you come back please do.  There is some good news I'd like to forward you about the prints.  BTW, the shot "Round Buoy" also features Robert L. Webster. She's coming up on the buoy in the shot. Hope to hear from you ... take care ... BP << 

Dear Bill, My e-mail is 00BMParks@Bright.net I have shared this web site with as many of my friends a relatives that I can think of. I would love to hear more, especially about the prints and the video. Would you be doing more with the video to make it available? Thanks, Burt Parks           (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 

I am considering buying a catch rigged Richardson Skipjack in Cambridge MD "Jolly Dolphin" I am interested in any history out there. Was it always Ketch rig? How long, or at all, did it fish? Any tid bits appreciated. Ken Edwards Jr. New London CT. kedwards_jr00@ci.new-london.ct.us    (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 

>> Hi Ken. 
I am not familiar with the idea that any fishing Skipjack was ever ketch rigged.  There of course were the two mast Bugeyes.  I'm not really a historical expert by any stretch and since each were built to suit a particular captain's or builder's idea of the best dredging vessel ... there could have been a ketch I suppose. 

You qualify it as a "Richardson Skipjack."  Is this the Richardson builder of cabin cruisers?  For further reference there is a book (name of which won't pop up in my brain at the moment) and they were selling it at the Reedville Museum that chronicles the builder and history of most of the Skipjacks.  I can get the name of the book if you can't, although I'm sure a quick call or email to the museum would yield it. 

I will add that a number of builders on the bay launched Skipjack like pleasure vessels over the years in varying sizes and abilities and often called them Skipjacks.  Often just because they had bowsprits and trail boards.  A lot of these were rigged as ketches to make handling easier. 

That's about it from here ...  Good luck and let us know haw you fare with this quest. ... BP <<

Hey Bill, Enjoyed the site! I ran across it by accident but it was a good accident. Don't know if I would have put all those pictures in of the old guy with the safari hat though. Looks a little weird! Can't be any worse than his son though! Scott Pollard

>> Hello Scott ... welcome to the site. Maybe you just don't see your Dad the same way the rest of us do?   :) 

Scott is referring to the shot of his Dad on board Claud W. Somers in our snapshot Picture Gallery.  http://colonyproductions.com/gallery%20reception/pages/SJ%20(25).htm     <<


Well our fine art printers told us some months back to expect a price change. It changed, but not in the direction they told us! There had been an expected reduction because of some new equipment that was to make the process more efficent. That happened, but so did an increase in the paper and labor cost. So we end up right where we started last year, with a slight increase on single print orders. Sigh ..., the bright side is they do excellent work. 


WOW- we ordered three prints from this series and they are amazing!! Certainly the centerpiece of our living room. Working with Bill and Julie was a pleasure and we are now figuring out what picture will be our next purchase! Thank you again for such wonderful shots!

Oops, should have added our names to the above note - Lisa and Bill - we reside in Oakton VA, but our hearts live in MD's Eastern Shore. Thanks again Bill and Julie for bringing a bit of the bay into our home!

Bill & Julie...I was so excited to find this web page! I have been researching the America for about 2 years now. My husbands grandfather, Martin Wheatley, was captain of this vessel in 1967. We are hoping it is him in the picture you have on the website. We will be in contact to purchase a print of the America. Thank you so very much for sharing these wonderful photos. We are wondering if there are more, and where can we go to view them?---Michelle Wheatley 

Bill, I enjoyed your skipjack photos. It brings back alot of memories from my childhood. I used to ride with my grandfather, Norris Lewis, on the Elsworth in the skipjack races. Thank you for capturing those timeless moments with your camera!! Please let me know if you come across any Elsworth photos or know where I can find some. Here's my email: vandivers300@yahoo.com ~~Jennifer (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 

Hey Bill & Julie how's it go? John Poulos 00jpoulos2561@charter.net   (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 

The one thing I didn't see was any of the Stanley Norman once owned by my husband's father Capt. Willis H. Windsor of Wingate, Maryland. Now Chesapeake Bay Foundation owns the boat. We went to Chestertown last year to see and go aboard the boat. My husband was so trilled. I would love to find some really nice pictures of the Stanley Norman back in it's time. If you know of anywhere I might find any, please let me know. Thanks. windsor00@hpl.umces.edu     (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 

Hello Windsor, thanks for coming by.  Sorry to say that I don't know of any shots of Stanley Norman, but we will keep a lookout.  There are shots that I have that I can't identify the boat but that doesn't help much does it.  Maybe if you have another shot of her there would be something that would visually distinguish her and we could be lucky enough to have a match.  It's a long shot but let us know.  Is there any way to know if she was in the 1967 race?  


Love the photos. Am especially interested in all of the Rosie Parks, but can only tell a couple that are so labeled. Any way to determine all of the pictures that Rosie is in? Mike Starling, mikei.starling00@gmail.com    (remove the 00, spam block,  to use the email address) 


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