Skipjack "Racing"
Skipjack "FC Lewis" Skipjack "Captain" Skipjack "Anchor" Skipjack "Mamie Mister" Skipjack "Round Buoy" Skipjack "Long Day"
Skipjack "Robert L Webster" Skipjack "Ida May" Skipjack "Boy On Deck" Skipjack "Heading Out" Skipjack "Webster & Jones" Skipjack "Rigging"
skipjack "Afternoon"
Skipjack "Dock"
Skipjack "Bow Hook" Skipjack "Copper Sea" Skipjack "Laid Back"
Skipjack "Rosie & Friend"
Skipjack "Harbor" Skipjack "Race Day Watercolor"
Skipjack "Ghosting Home Watercolor" Skipjack "Ghosting Home Oil"
Skipjack "Three In A Row" Skipjack "America" Skipjack "Rosie Bow"

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Next in importance to finding the negatives are the 300 hours devoted to their digital restoration, without which they would've been impossible to to reclaim. The ravages of time have been erased without a trace, the years turned back. 

May they help preserve the Skipjack in our hearts and move us to help protect the few that remain. 

Archival, limited edition prints are available. 






For the search engine: Skipjacks of the Chesapeake Bay are featured in this gallery of digitally restored images by Bill Peterson of Colony productions & Studios, Inc. Colony with offices in Virginia and in Florida has been in operation since early 1968.  A  few months prior Bill visited Deal Island for the annual Skipjack Race and made these images. Skipjacks and the watermen that man them have become a scarce reminder of another time not so long ago of ships under sail for a livelihood.