The Printing … signed, limited edition fine art, custom archival printing and other details.

Custom printing …

“Skipjack Sunday” L J prints are custom printed to order on the best crystal archive lightfast paper, insuring lifetime resilience and the benefit of custom sizing.  So that wonderful odd sized frame handed down from your family tree can be perfect for a "Skipjack Sunday" print sized to fit.

      ·    Borders …
Custom printing also means that you can choose to have a border around the actual image area to accommodate precise matting without cropping any picture area.  Simply specify a bordered print (usually a half inch).  Otherwise the images are printed to the edge (full bleed) of the paper making a precise matte unnecessary.  Obviously images differ in their tolerance for cropping.  If you want an opinion on a specific image, we’re happy to oblige.  Shoot us an email.  

·   A lot of the black and white prints lend themselves nicely to a sepia treatment, and light sepia treatment. Custom means you can choose sepia on any of the B&W images.  Let us know if you’d like suggestions for a custom treatment on particular images.

·    Custom color …
For color images, your lighting can matter. The current RF Museum exhibit utilizes Par lights for instance, in a windowless gallery.  Suppose your environment is a big corner, windowed office with fluorescent lighting.  Custom printing means we can adjust your print slightly toward the color temperature of the prevailing lighting, to look its best in its most usual environment. 

Very Special Prints…  
Giclee and Piezography, are interesting processes that reproduce the image on archival acid free watercolor papers.  The inks and papers are certified for 100 plus years and the technique is impressive. The Giclee process is for color printing and the Piezography is superior for rendering the black and white images, with rich black tones.  There is also the choice of textured to smooth paper surfaces to enhance the feel of the print.

·        A number of the Skipjack Sunday prints would do well with this technique.  “Racing” and “Afternoon” as well as any of the concept images lend themselves to the Giclee treatment.  “Dock” and “Anchor” would be among the top choices for the Piezography process.  

Concept Images … If you assigned a style to these images, they would probably be labeled “interpretive.”  They are created stroke by stroke from Bill’s original photographs, and they’re, well … his interpretation of the image.   They are available in Giclee prints for archival life in sizes upwards of 30 plus inches. Bill will be adding to this selection.  

Questions?  Email Bill or Julie or call and we’ll be glad to answer and advise.                             
FAQ about prints and policies 


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